EP0081: Jonathan Baktari MD – Health Meets Tech: A Look At The Future

Today’s SaaS Fuel™ Founder Episode is all about the integration of technology and healthcare to enhance patient experiences and service levels. Jeff had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Jonathan Baktari, CEO of E7 Health and US Drug Test Centers, and host of the podcast Baktari MD. 

Dr. Baktari delves into the significance of prioritizing specific aspects of software development, recognizing that not all aspects can receive the highest priority. He talks about the value of differentiating oneself in a competitive market by using technology to simplify processes for clients, patients, and staff. Don't miss out on SaaS Fuel to dive deeper into these topics!

Key Takeaways

00:00:00  Learn About E Seven Health And Dr. Baktari Through Websites And Podcasts

00:02:16    Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Intersection of Health Tech and Fintech

00:04:19    Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Power of Technology and Human Connection

00:08:11     Meet the Tech Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Preventative Medicine 

00:18:35     Revolutionizing Healthcare Compliance with Cloud-Based Solutions

00:20:29    Maximizing Reimbursements in Healthcare Technology

00:28:33    Finding the Michael Jordans of Your Industry at Conferences

00:32:34    A Crash Course in CEO Mistakes and Opportunities in Healthcare

00:35:56    The Challenge of Personalized Healthcare in the Age of Technology

00:39:59    The Future of Healthcare

Tweetable Quotes

“Don't sacrifice your family for the sake of your business. Build a business that allows you to have both.” – Jeff Mains (00:39)

“… But the key is that the tools are fostering proactive health care and it's enabling early intervention and making preventative care a feasible reality.” – Jeff Mains (04:24)

“I think it's important to understand you need to bring something else to the table.” – Dr. Jonathan Baktari (10:57) 

“If you really want super duper great customer service, have your staff eliminate all the busy work, inputting stuff, have things auto-populate and things being pushed without someone having to manually do it.”  – Jonathan Baktari (11:20)

“If you're spending all your time, no matter what field you're in, not focus on the client, but you're focused on getting the process done, that's kind of like a DMV kind of thing. So you got to really figure out ways to let your staff, you know, be there and serve the client.”  – Jonathan Baktari (13:58 )

“The best way to learn is to seek out the experts in your industry and strike up a friendship. They're usually more than happy to share their knowledge.” – Jonathan Baktari (29:31)

“I really tell people if you're starting out, go one way just to go to a lot of the major conferences and seek out usually the Michael Jordans of whatever industry you're looking for are pretty obvious.” – Jonathan Baktari (30:03)

“The key to success in entrepreneurship is to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.” – Jonathan Baktari (32:34) 

“The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption, and telemedicine is one of the most promising areas for innovation.” – Jonathan Baktari (37:34)

SaaS Leadership Lessons

1. Focus on creating a healthier and happier human experience.

2. Customer service is important, but not a key differentiator.

3. Networking is key: Attend industry events, join online communities, and connect with other SaaS leaders to learn from their experiences and build valuable relationships. 

4. Continuity of care and efficiency are key challenges in healthcare.

5. Shortcomings of the current healthcare system provide opportunities for improvement.

6. Bring something unique to the table. In a crowded market, simply providing good customer service may not be enough to stand out and make a lasting impact.

7. It is essential to recognize and capitalize on your own unique blend of skills, knowledge, and experiences. This can help you carve out a niche, provide innovative solutions, and create a lasting impact in your industry.

8. Providing alternatives to the current system. In industries where consolidation has led to limited options and reduced competition, there is an opportunity for innovative leaders to disrupt the status quo and offer fresh alternatives.

Guest Resources

Jonathan Baktari MD (Linkedin): https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-baktarimd

Jonathan Baktari MD (Website): https://jonathanbaktarimd.com/

Baktari MD/ Crash SEO School (Podcast): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/baktarimd/id1570150932

E7 Health: https://www.e7health.com/

Resources Mentioned

Intelligent Contacts: https://intelligentcontacts.com/

E7 Health: https://www.e7health.com/

Baktari MD/ Crash SEO School (Podcast): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/baktarimd/id1570150932

Medicare: https://www.medicare.gov/

Blue Cross: https://www.bcbs.com/

Episode Sponsor

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