Episode 108: Irwin Hau – Converting Traffic to Sales

In this episode of the SaaS Fuel™ Expert Series, Jeff Mains dives into the alchemy of belief-shifting content with Irwin Hau, founder of Chromatix Web Design. Erwin shares his expertise in crafting compelling messages that convert, using his 5Cs conversion framework: capture, clarity, content, credibility, and close. Jeff and Erwin also discuss common marketing mistakes made by SaaS founders, including falling into the feature trap and launching a product without a clear marketing strategy.

Listen in to learn how to create personalized sales messages that drive conversions and maximize your marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways

[00:01:08] – The Power of Focus Conversation

[00:08:05] – Building Iconic Brands with Community

[00:10:45] – Erwin Hau's Background and Chromatics

[00:14:58] – The Importance of Capturing Attention

[00:17:10] – The Heart, Head, and Hands Hierarchy

[00:21:01] – Inbound, Outbound, and Referral Marketing

[00:29:26] – The Power of Personalized Sales Messages

[00:34:41] – Personalized Sales Messages for Better Conversions

[00:38:18] – Iteration and Refinement

[00:42:06] – The Importance of the Right Message, Right Time, Right Person

[00:45:26] – The Power of AI in Marketing

[00:46:23] – The Importance of Strategy and Execution

Tweetable Quotes

“If you move the heart and the head, you can make anyone do anything with their hands.” – 00:17:46 Irwin Hau

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail and stuff.” – 00:22:10 Irwin Hau

“What I learned from that transaction, and I was actually quite young at the time, was that the right information at the right time to the right person equals a high conversion rate.” – 00:30:37 Irwin Hau

“Marketing is scientific in ways it's having a hypothesis testing, theories, trialing. It going back, modifying, it's not just shiny, let's do that. – 00:42:45 Irwin Hau

“If we can increase its conversion rate, we make every dollar go further.” – 00:33:59 Irwin Hau

“Brands of the future will be built on what the community says about them.” – 00:08:56 Jeff Mains

SaaS Leadership Lessons

  1. Get to know your team members: Take the time to understand each team member's strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. Build relationships and show genuine interest in their professional and personal development.
  2. Tailor your communication style. Adapt your communication approach to each team member's preferences. By understanding their communication styles, you can effectively convey your expectations and provide feedback.
  3. Provide personalized growth opportunities. Recognize that each team member has different career goals and aspirations. Offer individualized development opportunities that align with their interests and help them grow in their desired areas. 
  4. Celebrate individual achievements. Acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of each team member. Whether it's a small milestone or a significant achievement, personalized recognition shows that you value their contributions and motivates them to continue performing at their best.

Guest Resources

Irwin Hau (Linkedin): https://au.linkedin.com/in/irwinhau

Irwin Hau (Website): https://www.irwinhau.com/

Chromatix (Website): https://www.chromatix.com.au/

Chromatix (Linkedin): https://au.linkedin.com/company/chromatix

Resources Mentioned

SaaStr: https://www.saastr.com/

Chat GPT: https://chat.openai.com/

Neil Gordon: https://neilcanhelp.com/

From Grassroots to Greatness: 13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community-Led Growth by Lloyd Lobo: https://www.lloyedlobo.com/

Jason Lemkin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonmlemkin

Gary Vee: https://garyvaynerchuk.com/

ConversionCow: https://www.conversioncow.com/

Y&R Group: https://www.vmlyr.com/ 

GPYR: https://www.silverstripe.com/partner/gpy-and-r/

David Copperfield: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/766/766-h/766-h.htm

David Blaine: https://davidblaine.com/

Lloyed Lobo: linkedin.com/in/lloyedlobo

Clemenger BBDO: https://www.clemengerbbdo.com.au/

Episode Sponsor

We have to stand out to be successful. Very cool to bring those people with the same shifted beliefs together. !  have to tell you about a great new book called From Grassroots to Greatness:13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community Led Growth by Lloyed Lobo and the Foreword by Jason Lemkin so ideal that I talk about it here at SaaStr. We’ve all seen how traditional marketing, and even digital marketing, is losing its edge. It’s harder and harder to stand out. Features won’t do it. Big personalities won’t do it. Gimmicks may work temporarily but the novelty of being a dancing bear wears off. How do you stand out? 

Community. That’s where it’s at.

1) We’re lonely as a society and need connection

2) We want a place to fit in with people we have something in common with. A thriving community is your biggest asset – even bigger than the brand. In his book, Lloyed lays out 13 rules to attract your own army of raving fans.  It’s your ultimate acquisition channel, brand differentiator, feedback source, retention lever, and catalyst for transformative change. Brands of yesterday were built on what they told the world about themselves… Brands of the future will be built on what the community says about them.

Get your copy at grassrootstogreatness.com or Amazon. Pre-order now, It releases next week and we’ll have Lloyed on the show to talk about how the 13 rules apply to YOUR SaaS biz.

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