Episode 176: Barrett King – Collaborate to Captivate: GTM Strategies for SaaS Partnerships

In the ever evolving landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS), strategic partnerships and personalized value creation are not just trends but essential components of success. Our latest episode of SaaS Fuel, Jeff Mains features Barrett King – Senior Director of Revenue at New Breed and an expert in carving out successful pathways for SaaS companies.

Barrett discussed the three core pillars necessary for sales team success and emphasized the importance of mastery and ownership of sales, a passion for the industry and a comprehensive understanding of the tools and market. He also shared his thoughts on the current B2B landscape where partnerships have shifted from being solely focused on sales and marketing to becoming crucial for customer retention and expansion.

Barrett’s perspective offers a blueprint for building resilient, growth oriented SaaS businesses and his message was clear– Embrace the evolving go-to market strategies, align with customer needs and understand that the human touch is irreplaceable.

Key Takeaways

[00:04:55] – Strategic Partnerships for SaaS Growth

[00:11:45] – Evolving Role of Partnerships in Marketing

[00:17:21] – Evolving Role of Partnerships in Sales

[00:25:56] – Value-Based Personalized Sales Approach

[00:29:07] – Value of Transparency in Business Differentiation

[00:32:33] – Criteria for Sales Role Mastery

[00:41:03] – Power of Relatable Stories in Leadership

[00:47:55] – Sales Success With Assertive Communication

[00:53:40] – Partnership Insights and Resources

Tweetable Quotes

“True personalization comes from a deep understanding of the customer's problems, not just AI-generated messages.” – 00:24:25 Jeff Mains

“It took me 10 years to get to that first big stage where I felt like I knew what I was doing. I don't want to set somebody up for a 10-year run.” – 00:34:01 Barrett King

“I don't wanna set somebody up for a 10 year run. I want somebody, especially in sales, to come in and be off ramp at month five as they are and already winning.” – 00:34:06 Barrett King

“I knew my KPIs. I knew the opportunity that I had. I was reading books and I was watching YouTube videos and ownership of the outcome, ownership of the work is what I'm really looking for.” –  00:35:18 Barrett King

“So when you think about your first hires, right. And you're on, especially in your early stage companies and your first call it two to four years, they got to care. They got to be jack of all trades. They got to be flexible.” – 00:40:24 Barrett King

SaaS Leadership Lessons

1. Harness the Power of Strategic Partnerships: By aligning with companies that share similar goals and offer complementary products, SaaS leaders can accelerate market penetration and enhance their product offerings. Focus on creating partnerships that are strategic and mutually beneficial is a critical takeaway for SaaS founders looking to scale their businesses rapidly.

2. Embrace the Evolving Role of Partnerships: The landscape of B2B partnerships has significantly evolved. Partnerships have transitioned from being solely sales driven to playing a key role in customer retention and expansion. SaaS leaders must align with partners invested in customer success to develop a strong go to market strategy.

3. Prioritize Personalization in Marketing and Sales: SaaS leaders need to offer genuine value to customers before transactions occur and to engage in active listening. Personalized marketing strategies that resonate with customers’ needs can differentiate a SaaS company in a crowded marketplace.

4. Invest in Sales Team Success: Building a successful sales team requires more than just hiring for cultural fit. There are three pillars essential for sales representatives: mastery of sales, a passion for the industry and a comprehensive understanding of the tools and market. SaaS leaders are encouraged to seek individuals who exhibit a genuine investment in the industry and a desire to learn, even if they lack familiarity with certain tools.

5. Adapt to Market and Economic Changes: A necessity of aligning sales processes with customer’s buying habits, as SaaS companies often experience a disconnect between how they sell and how customers prefer to buy. The impact of economic factors like recessions and inflation on business strategies, pushing companies to pivot from growth at all costs to a focus on fundamental value.

Guest Resources


Barrett King (Linkedin): linkedin.com/in/barrettjking

New Breed Revenue (Website): https://www.newbreedrevenue.com/ 

Resources Mentioned

HubSpot: https://www.hubspot.com/ 

P-Club: https://www.pclub.io/ 

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