Episode 36: Kurt Pichler and Bulat Kaliev – Unlocking the Power of Right and Timely Decision Making


Kurt Pichler is an investor, entrepreneur and founder of Viewpoint AI Inc, a company that helps capture and store institutional knowledge and decision-making processes to help organizations make better decisions. He has a love of technology and business and has a deep Interest in behavioural economics. It is seeing the world through the lens of psychology and economics that he believes helps us understand ourselves better and with that we have a chance of making this world better.

Bulat Kaliev has held CTO, COO & co-founder roles and served as a startup mentor and advisor. He’s previously worked at Deloitte where he gained valuable consulting experience. His SaaS startups include Prdikt, ML, Sleep&HR. He’s written a book about 28 bootstrapping SaaS founders with $500-$50K MRR and has deep experience in the blockchain (enterprise, open, crypto/NFTs/metaverse)

Key Takeaways

– How decision making can be improved through AI technology, and how this can capture invaluable perspectives.
– A marketplace for decision-making that can help capture and share corporate knowledge.
– How technology can help separate signal from noise when making decisions, and how it can help rank criteria to determine the most important factors.
– Blockchain Technology and an early NFT project by Bulat
– How Machine Learning Is Being Used to Predict Performance Peaks and Drops for Scheduled Activities
– WhyTaking Breaks Can Actually Increase Productivity and Focus

Tweetable Quotes

“I am interested in improving my own decision making. I have been for years. I feel that even if I could improve, it just incrementally over time, it would have a big effect. I'm also aware of all these biases that we have.” (Kurt)

“Boost your productivity with Predict – the ultimate ‘Jarvis' for scheduling key activities at peak performance times!” (Bulat)

Resources Mentioned

Kurt Pichler

Bulat Kaliev

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