Episode 41: Ted Elliott – Staying Grounded In The Startup Hurricane

Ted Elliot is Copado’s, Chief Executive Officer. Ted joined Copado in November 2018 after 18 years as the CEO of Jobscience, one of Salesforce’s first five ISV partners. Ted faced the hurdles of releasing innovation on the Salesforce platform while at Jobscience and now works to alter customers’ DevOps processes with Copado.

Ted joins the show today to talk about how trying to get people home for dinner on release days brought him to where he is now.

Key Takeaways

[1:25] Ted Elliots’ Journey From His Parents’ Attic To SaaS Founder.

[4:55] Ted Talks Data Security and the Cloud.

[16:25] The Future of Paid Source Software.

[19:00] How Copado Removes Chaos From Your Teams’ Lives.

[30:28] How Time Holds Us All Accountable.

[34:27] The Rule of Forty.

[39:54] Net Revenue Retention.

[45:00] Standing Out As An Entrepreneur.

[54:00] Where To Learn More About Ted and Copado

Tweetable Quotes

[30:28] “But the clock is the only thing you don’t ever get to control.

Right? Time is going no matter what.”

[29:46] “Write down on paper what you're trying to achieve again because there's so much noise and so much information hitting you. And so many people are approaching you with things you should do. You really need to write down your thoughts.”

[32:08] “I hope if there's anyone out there listening who is wondering about what to do, you know, whatever you do, just do something. Don't dawdle.”

Guest Resources

Copado – https://www.copado.com/ 




Resources Mentioned

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Salesforce – https://www.salesforce.com/ 

Gartner Reports – https://www.gartner.com/en/information-technology/research/research-index 

ServiceNow – https://www.servicenow.com/ 

Red Hat – https://www.redhat.com/ 

Linux – https://www.linux.org/ 

GitLab – https://about.gitlab.com/ 

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Small Fish, Big Pond – https://smallfishbigpond.com/ Use the promo code ‘SaaSFuel’

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