Episode 56: Sarah Noel Block – Maximizing Visibility in a Crowded Marketplace

In our SaaS Fuel™ Expert Series, Jeff is joined by Sarah Noel Block who believes “creativity is king” when it comes to great marketing. Sarah started her career in content marketing before the term was even coined and learned the importance of making the customer the hero of the story. Sarah's approach to marketing systems makes it easy for tiny teams to have a big impact and emphasizes the importance of having a customer-centered founder story rather than just focusing on oneself. As a one-person marketing department, she stresses the importance of consistency and creating a core content strategy that can be repurposed across different platforms.

Sarah Noel Block is a marketing superstar, copywriter, and creator who helps SaaS marketers turn babble into conversions. She is the host of the Tiny Marketing Show and is passionate about helping SaaS founders create value and build trust with their customers.

Key Takeaways

00:00:44 – Celebrating all things frozen!

00:05:50 – Sarah’s passion for writing and storytelling led to her love for Marketing

00:06:35 – Explaining Why You Serve the Individuals You Do

00:08:08 The Importance Of Content Marketing In Building Trust With Customers.

00:09:06 – How the Google Algorithm Connects Everything

00:12:34  – A Big Mistake That Marketers Make: Not Asking Your Audience

00:13:38 The Importance Of Content Planning: Why You Need A Plan For Your Online Posts

00:17:09 Creating Unique Content For Different Platforms

00:18:26 – The Right Way To Repurposing Your Content

00:20:10 – Metrics Matter – Don’t Ignore This!

00:22:13 – Trigger Engagement Using This Brilliant Tactic

00:23:51 Creating Pillar Content And Breaking It Down Into Categories

00:26:23 – How to Standout: It’s All About Brand Voice

00:30:06 The Importance Of Consistency And Content Strategy 

00:31:44 Supercharge Your One-person Marketing Department

Tweetable Quotes

You want it to be less about the “you & I” story and more a “you” and how “you inspired me” of what I did in my business. – 00:07:02 Sarah Noel Block

But unless that mission statement has to do with the customer serving them, and solving their problems, no one cares. – 00:07:34 Sarah Noel Block 

You can't expect strangers to be invested in your story. – 00:08:05 Sarah Noel Block

So your content needs to bring value to your customer, but you also have to make it really easy for Google and your audience to find it. – 00:09:26 Sarah Noel Block 

If you're planning it correctly, you could do it really easily, even with a tiny team. – 00:15:42 Sarah Noel Block

It's all about brand voice. When you're building your content strategy, which you should be doing that first. That is your foundation. Have a content strategy. – 00:26:23 Sarah Noel Block

Always show up for your audience and be consistent. – 00:30:18 Sarah Noel Block

Look at what's working. Replicate it. And then repurpose it so it will go further. – 00:33:07 Sarah Noel Block

You really need to be scrappy. You need to be creative. – 00:33:32 Jeff Mains

SaaS Leadership Lessons

1. Always show up for your audience. Being consistent is crucial.

2. Creating a core method for content marketing makes it easy.

3. Creating one core piece of pillar content and repurposing it can save time and resources.

4. Slice and dice one main piece of content for a quarter's marketing.

5. Ask relevant questions in social posts. The audience will not only be more interested, but they will also be able to show off how smart they are and get more exposure.

6. Bringing in freelancers and people to help. Don’t carry the entire load yourself if you can avoid it. 

7. Having a defined and written out content strategy can make it easier for others to take it and run with it.

8. Brand voice is everything. That's where you start. Have a plan for your content.

9. When your budget is cut, copy what's working and repurpose it.

10. CTAs are crucial. It keeps viewers engaged.

Guest Resources

Sarah’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.block.7

Sarah’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahnoelblock/

Sarah’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/sarahnoelblock

Sarah’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahnoelblock/

Sarah’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthKB_eYQBVeJ9NTiIq6Scg

Sarah’s Website: https://www.sarahnoelblock.com/

Resources Mentioned

Sarah’s Website: https://www.sarahnoelblock.com/

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