Executive Navigation

How We Roll . . .

Most places you'd find a really pretty sales page with stock photos of smiling people, and well curated marketing copy telling you how awesome the program is and of course that you should sign up now, Now, NOW! (maybe with special “today only” bonuses)

This isn't most places and not how we roll. You can't buy anything here. You can't sign up. I won't try to sell you or try to talk you into applying to Executive Navigation. Instead, I'll tell you who it's for . . . and who it's NOT for. Fair enough?

Executive Navigation is for . . .

  • Founders and Entrepreneurs leading companies with at least $1M in revenue or more . . .
  • Who want to scale to $10M (or more) quickly.
  • Leaders who want to unite their leadership team and employees around a strong purpose.
  • Action takers. Those who want to get things done, not meet to go home with a long “to do” list.
  • People who KNOW their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
  • Leaders who value helping others and contributing to their marketplace just as much as they value making money.
  • Presidents, CEOs, and Founders who want to quit trading time for dollars and become OWNERS, not operators.
  • Founders who used to love their business, and want to reignite that spark.
  • Leaders who want to build authentic relationships with like minded leaders (and have fun too).
  • Execs who want a safe place to be themselves, ask for help, help others, and value those on the journey with them.

Sound like you?

Executive Navigation is NOT for . . .

  • Those who want a magic pill to fix all their business problems. (this does not exist, no matter what marketing spiel you've read)
  • People who are just getting started or have a great business idea and haven't sold anything yet.
    (Love that entrepreneurial spirit! Go sell something and come back)
  • Those who are in this just for the money (or the exit multiple) and don't care about clients.
  • Anyone who uses deceptive practices or runs a sketchy business.
  • Whiners, blamers, and those who think everything that happens is someone else's fault.
  • Those who know everything and are always right.

More Brutal Honesty

Plus, you’ll be required to implement what you learn …fast …and share your results. (That means “you gotta work”.)

What else? Hmm …oh yes, you’ll be asked to share what’s working in your business with the rest of the group
(just as fellow members will be required to share their secrets with YOU)

Here's How It Works

First, we'll schedule a Growth Brainstorm. This is an introductory call where we get to know each other and see if we might be a good fit. The goals of our time together are:

1. Take a look at your current situation to see what is/isn't working
2. Identify what is possible for you and your business in the next 90 days and beyond
3. Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting growth and holding you back from scaling up
4. Develop a 3-step action plan that will get you results in your business ASAP

No pitch, no commitment. You cannot buy anything on the call. 
We do this to create a foundation for a real conversation, like business people, you know . . human to human. (not shark to prospect or dancing bear to audience)

Next one of two things will happen. One, if we aren't a good match, we'll let you know politely and try to point you in a helpful direction. It has to be a great fit for both of us. Two, we think that we MIGHT be a good match together then we'll set up a a call with Jeff.

You'll talk with Jeff directly, one on one. Not a salesperson. The most important things are to make sure we are a good match for each other AND that we can deliver results that will knock your socks off. Nobody will pressure or hassle you. If we decide we're a fit and you want in, GREAT! If not, no problem. We're cool either way.

We are only looking for high-caliber people to join Executive Navigation. Applications on a first come, first-serve basis. To ensure we take great care of our tribe, we can only onboard a limited number of people at a time.