The Programs

Executive Navigation™

The core way we help B2B SaaS leaders progress and achieve their goals. Executive Navigation™ is based on experience, not just theory. It is successful entrepreneurs helping growing entrepreneurs scale their business from $1M – $10M+ in revenue. Executive Navigation™ is designed to accelerate growth by flattening the learning curve. Because we've built businesses, we've done a lot of dumb things and made a boat load of mistakes. AND we've been successful because we learned what works and how to get you results quickly.

Exec Nav is for those who want to build a business of significance that makes the world a better place. It is for leaders who:

Executive Navigation Ships

Best of all it is a place to share and celebrate wins, insights, and build an exceptional company that matches your vision. Because everyone is sailing together on the same B2B SaaS building journey, and in a similar revenue range, it is an ideal place to confidentially discuss what's really going on – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly – and get outside input and insight to solve those challenges.

Executive Navigation - 3 Core Elements

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. If you want both at the same time . . . Go with a SaaS Sherpa at ExecNav.


Mentor Guided: Business leaders who have built (and are building) companies share strategies, best practices, failures, pitfalls, and what is working TODAY. Not what worked one time 20 years ago. Clients work with top experts in an area to get value quickly. Quality over quantity.

Results Focused: Success is planned and measured at specific intervals. Your progress is paramount. Not content, not fluffy stuff, not shiny objects, and not the latest “growth hack”. If it moves the needle for YOU right now, we focus on it. If it is not part of your right next step then we'll leave that for later or never. 

Peer Supported: It's lonely at the top, and even lonelier as an entrepreneur. Mere mortals don't really understand our aspirations or “get us”, though some try. This is your tribe! Your peeps! They get you because they are you, AND they want to see you succeed and change the world.

Executive Navigation™ is designed for the top executive leader in the company although it is common to have co-founders, partners, or another key leader involved as well. Working together we enhance competency so the company doesn't “outgrow” the leader, we create scalable processes that support rapid growth, and implement key strategies that make your company irresistible to ideal clients and superstar employees.


A high level mastermind group of SaaS and professional service founders who have achieved significant scale. The large group is made up of  smaller Boards each with 8 companies at a similar growth stage. Boardroom is for companies between $10M – $100M+ in revenue. Each board is specifically curated so that they:

The entire group meets in person several times each year and boards meet virtually and in person on a scheduled basis.

Growth is a team effort, especially at this level. While some sessions are solely focused on top executive development, others are designed to uplevel the entire executive team. The entire leadership team is invited to quarterly board meetings, at the member's discretion, and we've found that this focused planning time is the most productive of the year. Each month there are training and mastermind sessions tailored for specific business leadership roles in the organization – sales, marketing, operations, management, technology, and client success.

Boardroom members have access to all resources in Executive Navigation™ as well and may attend any/all ExecNav events as desired. Boardroom members always have exclusive business adventures to get away, change their latitude, and bond with like-minded leaders.

SaaS Boardroom

As with all Champion Leadership™ meetings, members leave with things DONE, not with a long to do list, and absolute clarity on next steps to move their business forward. We spend time focusing on each leaders' most important issues, have strategic breakout sessions, find answers, create, collaborate, set goals, and hold each other accountable for those goals. Business grows, people transform, and lifelong relationships are built. 

Special Events

A few times each year we host special events in person and online. These include:

Champion Leadership™ Summit – Annual in-person event where business leaders from across the world come together for three days of collaboration, training, and leave with things DONE, not with a to do list.

Small Fish Big Results Transformation Weekend – Special event with up to 8 companies and their executive teams to implement key parts of the Futureproof Strategic Framework™ outlined in Jeff's book Small Fish, Big Pond: Building a World Class Business That Swims Circles Around Competitors

Business Adventure Excursions – At least 4 times each year Champion Leadership™ Group hosts Business Adventure Excursions where C-level executives get away from the office, get out of their heads, exchange ideas, and think strategically about their business. These aren't your typical golf outings or boring conference meetings. They are things like: Shark Diving, Sport Fishing, Photography Trips hiking through National Parks, off-road ATV rides, driving race cars, and more. Often a special guest speaker drops by for a day. (HUGE names that you would never expect) We bond as leaders, learn from each other, and free ourselves from the mental garbage of everyday life.  Some adventures are open to Executive Navigation™ members, some Boardroom only, and others are open to all with an invitation from a member.