Episode 39: Edwin Fjeldtvedt – Creating Opportunities for Innovation

SaaS Fuel's latest episode featured an interview with Favrit CEO Edwin Fjeldtvedt. In it, he discussed company culture, creating a good customer experience, and surviving COVID-19—and he was very insightful and well-spoken!

In this episode, you'll learn how to create a positive company culture that encourages innovation and collaboration. Edwin also talks about how Favrit has managed to keep its customers happy during their own struggles with COVID-19. This is an interview you won't want to miss!

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Tweetable Quotes

5:32 “When they ask questions when they lean in, they're like very oriented about the success and kind of what what what has gone well and so on. But it's also fascinating to talk about learnings and some of those aspects that are not always as clear to everyone. Like, there are some hard things about building businesses. And it's something that it's important to be to be oriented about as well.”

13:43 “Innovation isn’t always wanted, but over time (if you do it well,) it pushes itself forward.” 

16:30 “Technology is supposed to be the experience. So it's really how do you make the people cooperate and will enhance and and and and love the technology. And that's part of the product development and the product iteration. But you need to iterate based on the learnings that you get. To get to a point where you see it's making an impact.

20:35 “It makes a significant impact if you're really able to get the organization centered around the north star. But you should also really figure out the note style because it could also be not devastating, but it still has some bad impact if you're measuring the wrong thing.

It's because they're in all the effort, and everything will be done in good faith. But not with good results. So, making sure that the North Star is right.”

34:04 “Having great mentors who have been, you know, around the block before and that really can help you understand what other circumstances, trying to help you figure out all four squares, the corners of the square, and think through this decision from multiple angles really helps make sure that when you make a decision, you decide the best possible data points and and and and thoughts possible.”

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