Episode 42: Alexis Scott – Making a Marketing Mastermind

If you're good at your job, but it isn't fulfilling . . . if your gifts and talents are ready to break out, this latest episode of SaaS Fuel is for YOU! Today our guest Alexis Scott delivers insider marketing info and key advice. Alexis Scott is the Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at WorkSpan. She discusses her career transition from sales to marketing and gives expert tips on differentiating yourself in the marketplace. 

Key Takeaways

[0:00 – 1:22] Introductions 

[1:22 – 11:00] Synchronizing Sales and Marketing

[11:26 – 25:44] Starting New Chapters

[26:50 – 34:13] Selling Styles, Customer Service, and the Key To Conversion

[34: 24 – 44:20] Approaching Collaboration Across Teams 

[44:20 – 45:18] Wrapping Up

Tweetable Quotes

38:28 “You gotta be your first salesperson, and once you determine, “Okay, people actually wanna buy this,” great. Then you build out your sales team.”

38: 50 “Sometimes, you gotta slow down to speed up.”

39: 28 “Really think hard about your compensation model before you bring on your sales team. The fastest way to piss people off and lose a sales team is to move the goalpost.”

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