Episode 28: Liziana Carter – Playing the Long-Term Game with Long Term People

Episode 28: Liziana Carter - Playing the Long-Term Game with Long Term People


Liziana Carter is the founder and CEO of GROW AI, a chatbot agency that uses conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly connect consumers to eCommerce businesses via Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM Automation and WhatsApp automation.

Today, Liziana joins the show to discuss how she’s helping people solve problems faster, purchase easier and create frictionless experiences. Liziana expounds on the transformational impact AI has had on chatbot experience, the value of buyer intent data and the influence mentors have had on her overall career.

Key Takeaways

01:22 – Jeff introduces today’s guest, Liziana Carter, who joins the show to discuss her background and what inspired her to launch GROW AI

06:43 – The value of resilience and failing fast

07:27 – How AI has transformed the chatbot experience

12:30 – Buyer intent data

16:16 – A bold move from Romania to Australia

18:33 – The inflection point where Liziana realized her potential as an entrepreneur

26:02 – Jeff takes a moment to thank one of today’s sponsors, Champion Leadership Group™

26:34 – The most important lessons of Liziana’s career and the role mentors have played in her success

31:53 – Liziana’s client system and her ability to scale

34:10 – Common mistakes business owners make when it comes to customer interaction and chatbots

36:43 – Advice Liziana would give to her younger self and what the future holds for technology in customer experience and chat

41:36 – Jeff thanks Liziana for joining the show and lets listeners know where to learn more about GetGrowAI

Tweetable Quotes

“It’s important to learn how to fail and take on failure. Learn how to fail fast, but at the same time learn from what you’ve done.” (07:00) (Liziana)

“I want to be clear here. We’re never talking about one hundred percent automation. I think we’re still far away from that. There’s a place for us humans in there that is very special and it cannot be replaced.” (08:16) (Liziana)

“When I was running this business, I just didn’t see the potential. I wasn’t educated enough. And I just got more and more educated by reading a lot of stuff, taking a lot of courses and I started to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. And then, eventually, I started putting together the things that worked and stood out from everything I was doing.” (18:42) (Liziana)

“Mentors are the shortcut you need to take to transfer information from people who have it to you. If you’re trying to figure out everything by yourself, you probably will but it’s going to take you ten times as long.” (29:54) (Liziana)


Resources Mentioned

Liziana’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/liziana-carter/

GROW AI – http://getgrowai.com/

GROW AI Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/getgrowai/

GROW AI YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_vLM4mjQzomAb9bZCIpcQ

GROW AI Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/getgrowai/

Episode Sponsor

Champion Leadership Group™ – https://championleadership.com/

Small Fish, Big Pond – https://smallfishbigpond.com/ Use the promo code ‘SaaSFuel’

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